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I said, 'You can't stop progress.' [11.11.04]
Randall Million over at Plaid Cow has written his own front-end to ProgBar. Doug Adams at 'Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes' is putting ProgBar to good use. It pleases me to see some folks find it useful.
You can't stop progress. [9.9.04]
ProgBar 0.2 released.
Update: Also posted a collection of 3 handy Script Debugger scripts.
So, it *does* make a sound. [9.7.04]
It seems someone has found ProgBar useful. Yeah!
Ah, Text [8.30.04]
Today marks the release of major updates to two excellent tools for the text editing folks. BBEdit 8 (Good to see BB finally clean up their website.) and Tom Bender's oustanding Tex-Edit Plus 4.8. Both are highly, highly applescriptable. Huge points in my book, of course. And while we're on the Tex-Edit topic, make sure you check out Malcom Adams' incredibly good 'AppleScripts for Tex-Edit'. He has put together one of the best how-tos for scripting an application that I've seen. So, if you need a scriptable text editor, BBEdit is too expensive and Apple's TextEdit is to anemic for you, Tex-Edit Plus is your app. Trust me.
Busy, Busy [8.22.04]
The weekend brings a couple of unexpected goodies. First, a new AppleScript subroutine for replacing bad characters in a string with a new character or none at all. Second, an upcoming update to E-cognito, numbered 1.5!
Dusting Off the Icons [8.20.04]
I'm pleased to re-introduce Nostalgia Icons v. 1 and 2 which I created a few years back when this place was still called 'Mac Stuff by T.J.'. Enjoy. Maybe one of these days, I'll get around to finishing v. 3. ;)
Script goodies are, well, good. [8.19.04]
Today, I released ProgBar. Handy for those not willing to jump into AppleScript Studio for a simple progress bar.
Does the fun never end? [8.17.04]
Ah, here's another interesting scriptable application which I think deserves some attention: PortTerm.
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