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E-cognito_1.5.zip (1.5)
E-cognito_1.2.tgz (1.2)

Ecognito is, in short, an text-to-ASCII entity translator. Type a string of text or a single character and click "Translate". E-cognito will then present you with the ASCII equivalent of your text. However, I originally created it with spam smashing in mind. I use this little app to translate mailto links to ASCII so that they are essentially hidden from address harvesting bots used by spammers. Although this technique doesn't end all spam, it does help reduce the volume. This is a pretty basic application, so there isn't much in the way of documentation. However, as E-cognito evolves in complexity, appropriate documentation will be found here.

E-cognito - Main Window

E-cognito - Recent Encoded Strings Menu

E-cognito - Menu Bar Options

Translate - Naturally, this button translates the contents of the "Original text" field into it's ASCII equivalent and outputs the result to the "ASCII Entity" field.

Copy ASCII to Clipboard - This button is pretty self-explanatory. Sets the clipboard to the contents of the "ASCII Entity" field. Used as an easy alternative to clicking in the field, selecting all contents and executing "Copy" command from the "Edit" menu.

Clear Fields - Delete contents of both 'Original text' and 'ASCII entity' fields.

Clear Recent Strings - Delete all currently-stored recent encoded strings.
Version History

1.5 [8.23.2004]
  • Added recent strings popup menu/combo box. This stores recently-encoded strings.
  • Added auto-complete to 'Original Text' field, based on recently-encoded strings.
  • Redesigned interface, brushed aluminum look.
  • Removed 'C' (clear fields) button.
  • Added 'Clear Fields' menu item, with keyboard shortcut.
  • Added 'Clear Recent Strings' menu item, with keyboard shortcut.
  • Added "Copy ASCII to Clipboard" button.
  • Added clear fields button. (C)
  • Added a super spiffy icon, by Sascha Hoehne of Rad-e8.
  • Initial release.

E-cognito is free. You are under no obligation to pay anything to use it. However, if you find E-cognito useful and feel compelled, you can send a few bucks to say, "Thanks!".

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