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Web Jumper [Pro & Lite]

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wjp_31.dmg.tgz (Pro 3.1)
Web_Jumper_Lite_2.3.tgz (Lite 2.3)

Web Jumper Pro's main search window is made up of a text field in which to enter search strings (words), a popup menu of search engines from the currently chosen engine set and a search button. The text field now features auto-complete functionality. For example, if you have already searched for 'powerbook' in the past, WJP will automatically complete the word for you. You need only type the letter 'p'.

Web Jumper Pro gives you 4 window layout options or 'styles', depending on your visual preference.


Most of Web Jumper Pro's commands are accessable within the menu bar as well as via keyboard equivalents. Possibly WJP's greatest strength is its extensive customizability. (Is that a word?) From window style to transparency to float behavior, recent searches count, plugin path and default engine. The Frog is at your service, regardless of your finicky aesthetic nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want my Web Jumper Pro search window to float above all other applications. How do I do this?

A: WJP can only float 2 of its 4 window styles above all other applications. These are the 'Bar' and 'Micro' window styles. This is due to the behavior assigned to these window types by the Aqua interface. So, choose one of these styles if you would like Web Jumper Pro to be visible over all applications. (Note this is separate from the 'Don't hide on deactivate' behavior)

Q: What do the 'C' and 'D' buttons in the preferences window do?

A: The 'C' button stands for 'Choose'. Click it to choose a custom plugins path for Web Jumper Pro. The 'D' button stands for 'Default'. Click it to restore your plugins path back to Web Jumper Pro's default location, which is the plugins folder residing in the SAME location as the WJP app itself.

Release History

  • Some users experienced an AppleScript error when executing searches ('Can't find... enginename.txt.txt') This has been fixed.
  • Added auto-complete feature.
  • Added drop-down menu of recent search strings.
  • Revamped preferences window into tabbed interface.
  • Minor interface tweaks.
  • Fixed bug which would cause an error when search strings contain the pipe I character.
  • Fixed a bug in which the "Register Web Jumper Pro" button would not work (take the user to the Kagi store).
  • Initial release.

Web Jumper Lite is free. You are under no obligation to pay anything to use it. However, if you find Web Jumper Lite useful and feel compelled, you can send a few bucks to say, "Thanks!".

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