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AppleScript Info

Helpful Websites
Other Excellent AppleScripters
  • Jonathan Nathan - John has tons of extremely helpful routine examples, AppleScript Studio techniques, individual scripts, etc.
AppleScript Tools
  • Script Debugger - Serious AppleScripters take note. No equal.
  • Image Info - IPTC/EXIF data reading for scripters, without having to open the image.
  • Extra Suites - Progress bars and much more; for scripters.
Email Lists (Highly recommended)
  • AppleScript Studio - A discussion list for scripters and developers using AppleScript Studio, a development environment for applications developed in Project Builder and implemented using AppleScript. This list focuses on the use of the AppleScriptKit classes and on the use of Project Builder and Interface Builder to create AppleScript applications.
  • AppleScript Users - The applescript-users list is for scripters writing scripts in AppleScript. It's for everyone from newbies to experienced scripters, and it contains discussions on scripting style, how to script popular applications like Palm Desktop and AppleWorks, where to find obscure scripting additions, and ways to improve the performance and readability of your scripts.
  • AppleScript Implementors - The applescript-implementors list is for programmers implementing Open Scripting Architecture support in their applications and other software. It's for technical discussions about using the OSA APIs, internal workings of AppleScript and other OSA languages.
AppleScript Error Codes
-2700Unknown error.
-2701Can't divide *number* by zero.
-2702The result of a numeric operation was too large.
-2703*reference* can't be launched because it is not an application.
-2704 *reference* isn't scriptable.
-2705The application has a corrupted dictionary.
-2706Stack overflow.
-2707Internal table overflow.
-2708Attempt to create a value larger than the allowable size.
-2709Can't get the event dictionary.
-2720Can't both consider and ignore *attribute*.
-2721Can't perform operation on text longer than 32K bytes.
-2729Message size too large for the 7.0 Finder.
-2740A *language element* can't go after this *language element*.
-2741Expected *language element* but found *language element*.
-2750The *name* parameter is specified more than once.
-2751The *name* property is specified more than once.
-2752The *name* handler is specified more than once.
-2753The variable *name* is not defined.
-2754Can't declare *name* as both a local and global variable.
-2755Exit statement was not in a repeat loop.
-2760Tell statements are nested too deeply.
-2761*name* is illegal as a formal parameter.
-2762*name* is not a parameter name for the event *event*.
-2763No result was returned for some argument of this expression.

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